Getting it Backward, SAP Edition

  • April 22, 2015
  • David

[This post is courtesy of David Brakoniecki, our UK Delivery Director, and is also posted on his blog]

Posted in the SAP Community Network is an article on 3 traps on the way to S/4HANA.

As a BPM guy, the second trap really caught my eye:

Trap 2: Migrating to S/4HANA without transforming current business processes and without considering future business plans of operating industry

via 3 traps on the way to S/4HANA

I think that this trap is really a succint encapsulation of all of the challenges on-premise software is having with the Cloud and SAP is generally having with its user community. R/3 is 23 years old and now when the next generation arrives with a super-slick in-memory database and a cool front end, users are being told, on top of an expensive costly migration, that they should also run a business transformation.

But, the logic is completely backward:

So all processes should be re-imagine, otherwise 1000 times faster database power brought by HANA or beautiful and simple UI Fiori can’t be consumed by the future of your company or your consumers.

via 3 traps on the way to S/4HANA

Re-engineering your processes should be, needs to be, driven by your customers and their needs.

Changing your process because you have access to a faster database is the wrong place to start. Transformation should start with the customer, not the limitations of tools deployed. Anything else is just folly.

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