Gartner Warms up its BPM Message

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Scott Francis

I track Gartner's Blog on Business Process Improvement, which on occasion has a good read, and on Wednesday David McCoy posted about their strategy vis-a-vis BPM for 2009:

Everyone knows that BPM can reduce costs. So, BPM should be a hot topic and investment area during 2009's brutal reign, right? Well, we at Gartner think so. Elise Olding, Jim Sinur and I are going to be driving a full-court press on BPM and Cost Management this year and we are all excited about the prospects. We are so excited, we have established an internal working group to make this a weekly research topic. In fact, I am shifting my own research attention to this topic - it will be my top research focus for 2009. BPM has so much to offer. You know this. We are going to make it clear to the rest of the world.

Perhaps it shouldn't be surprising that they are making this shift in focus, and attempting to amp up the level of coverage given to the BPM space - but I did find it refreshing disclosure of a decision made behind the four walls of the Firm.? At BP3 we welcome the full-court press on BPM because we are absolutely sold on the benefits of BPM for our customers. Perhaps some additional research and marketing support from Gartner and other analyst firms will help build the consensus and momentum around BPM and its benefits vis-a-vis cost containment. Gartner has a couple BPM conferences coming up - the BPM Summit in London in February, and the BPM Summit in San Diego in March,? website here.? Early Bird registration ends January 30th for the San Diego event.? I expect we'll be there - if you are going to be there and want to connect in person, drop us a note here in the comments or at (which gets forwarded directly to me, by the way). (I should add, there are links to webinars leading up to the event here, that look pretty interesting.? )

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