Gartner is Beating the BPM Drum

  • March 17, 2009
  • Scott

Gartner is pounding the table about BPM – just recently in London, and likely again next week in San Diego.  In a news article on Gartner’s site, Gartner makes the claim that enterprises will save as much as 20% within the first year of implementation, and that one-third of companies are increasing their BPM investments (my emphasis).

A really telling quote about attendees at Gartner’s London conference:

Gartner estimates that 70 percent of attendees were from companies that are in “survival” mode, and their organizations view BPM as a lifeline keeping them above water in the economic crisis. Approximately 20 percent of attendees said they were “thriving with BPM” — using BPM as a catalyst to grow their business. These were typically organizations that had successfully implemented BPM projects in the past.

This is really quite telling.  Granted, the audience is somewhat self-filtered, but this is an astonishingly high commitment to BPM for a Gartner conference.  The remaining 10% of attendees viewed BPM as not just keeping them afloat, but as weapon for capitalizing on market and economic turmoil that their less agile competition was unable to react to.

The article goes on to emphasize that BPM is more than just deploying technology – it is also about the management discipline that is paired with the technology.  And really the two together is what delivers those exceptional returns.

Given the level of attention Gartner is putting behind BPM (and other areas that help companies in a downturn), I think the momentum is going to build through 2009 and beyond.  Perhaps we’ll finally see BPM go mainstream.  I’ll know it is when I use the acronym in a social setting and the first question asked isn’t “what’s BPM?”

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