Friday Fun: Memory Lane from someone at NeXT

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Scott Francis

This series of posts from Chris MacAskill ("The secret call to Andy Grove that may have helped Apple buy NeXT") is amazing. It is a series of snapshots in time of the trials and tribulations at NeXT, and how, when you work for Steve Jobs, you might just find yourself on the phone with anyone.

He would burst in my office and say, "I'm gonna call Bill about TrueType," and gesture for me to follow. A minute later he?d have Bill Gates on the speaker phone with me in fly-on-the-wall mode.

What follows is an amazing tale of how NeXT came to support Intel... and how that may well have given NeXT the leg up over BeOS in being acquired by Apple... and, as they say, the rest is history!

Some amazing names are dropped in this article. Andy Grove, Bill Gates, Jonathan Seybold, John Warnock, George Fisher, Gil Amelio, etc. It's really great.? I was an avid user of NeXT when I was in college - there was one in every dorm building on campus (alongside six to a dozen Apple computers, and a printer) - and what I really loved was developing small software programs with Interface Builder.? It's fun to get a window into a time adjacent to my love of NeXT, but completely opaque to me as a college student just trying to get my programming assignments done before I fell asleep on the keyboard.

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