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  • April 18, 2012
  • Scott

One of the great frustrations in the BPM market is how difficult it is to get companies to share their successes with BPM.  Unlike the way GE and a few other companies trumpeted their six-sigma successes, companies this time around are keeping their success to themselves, in large part. I know this is true because we’ve been prevented by our own customers from sharing their success stories!  They often want to keep the great news to themselves.

But then look at Carphone Warehouse – a company I hadn’t even heard of a few years ago, I now know quite a bit about.  And I know about them because of only one reason – their willingness to publicize their great results from their BPM initiative with Nimbus, and among the analyst firms.  They’ve been referenced in blog posts, in comments on forums, in comments on blog posts, in news articles, and in analyst reports and slides.  Witness the latest blurb from Gartner:

There is exactly one company called out by name.  And it is positive press.  That can’t be bad for business. Can’t be bad for recruiting talent to their business.  And it can’t be bad for their stock price.

If you want some free marketing and press for your firm, publishing your BPM ROI and success stories is a great way to get it. Congrats to Carphone Warehouse.  Let’s hope some more firms step up to the plate!


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