Fred Wilson on Immigration Reform

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Scott Francis

Fred Wilson (and others) have been advocating for immigration reform - and in particular for doing a better job of hanging onto talented people who want to start companies in the US (thus, the startup visa movement).

Vivek Wadwha, Eric Ries, and now Mike Bloomberg have all weighed-in in favor of the Startup Visa.? Bloomberg has also advocated allowing any foreign nationals to immediately get a green card with their diploma - allowing them to stay and work here in the United States.

As Fred writes:

Do yourself a favor and read the entire speech. It's not long. Mike lays out a sensible and intelligent way to reform immigration laws without getting into the contentious issues that have held back immigration reform for many years. And if you agree with the Mayor, do everyone a favor and call your elected officials in Washington and tell them you are also for intelligent immigration reform (as opposed to comprehensive immigration reform). I've done that and it has helped. Getting your voice into the chorus on intelligent immigration reform would be helpful too

One thing is clear - our visa and green card processes are broken.? There is no transparency, and no predictability.? And we're losing out on a lot of talent and a lot of well-educated graduates (arguably bad process outcomes).

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