Fortune Global Forum in Toronto Next Week

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Scott Francis

I'm looking forward to attending the Fortune Global Forum in Toronto next week Monday through Wednesday.? Last year I attended in Guangzhou, and this year I'm looking forward to seeing how different the event is when hosted in North America vs. Asia.

If you're attending the event - I'm always interested in meeting with business leaders who are connecting digital experiences to their core operational competencies - digital operations if you will -? because our business is focused on solving for those operational gaps.? We're exploring new process, decision management, automation (RPA), application maintenance, and digital operations in this context - these are the things I'm excited about.

If you want your processes and systems to live up to your brand promises being made by great digital experiences, I'd love to connect for breakfast, coffee, or lunch during the conference.? Just comment below this blog post or contact me directly at sfrancis at or on Twitter at @sfrancisatx.

As with last year, I'm looking forward to seeing so many sessions from prominent CEO's and business leaders - the content last year was A+, and inspired me to come back to our business fully charged (and we had our best Q4 ever last year).? While the conference was heavily focused on business issues, there was a touch of policy and trade and economics on the able as well.? Unfortunately it felt like many of these issues required some tiptoeing by speakers to avoid offending the host country or doing incidental damage to their businesses there.? But in Canada I hope to see a more free flowing conversation on controversial issues.

It's probably also a good time to point out there's a nice non-stop flight between Austin and Toronto these days...

For more about BP3, please check out Forrester's latest analysis of our market participants...

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