Forrester Picks up the Pieces (in #BPM)

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Scott Francis

Good article from Connie Moore of Forrester yesterday, on assessing the BPM market the day after the Savvion news broke.

As she points out, these deals are important because of:

  • Convergence of BPM types
  • Clear signs of expanded interest in BPM by big players
  • Closer integration of several business technologies (BPMS, BAI, etc.)
  • Better BPMS from IBM
  • More acquisitions and consolidation to come

Connie goes on to give her impressions of Pega, Appian, and other pure plays and innovators.

Like Connie, I think there's still a lot of room for innovation in the market as the creative-destructive capitalistic processes continue.? She also took time to point out that many of the acquirers do not understand that there is more to BPM than software- there is a methodology and discipline of continuous improvement that most software vendors simply don't have, and don't appreciate (at least, as it pertains to their customer engagements - they may very well practice continuous improvement inside their own organization). I think this acquisition activity is going to put further demands on service companies to bridge the gap.

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