For Release: Brazos UI Enterprise 4.9.0

  • May 6, 2016
  • Scott
Brazos Adoption is going Global

Brazos continues to be the best UI for BPM.  Version 4.9 further extends that lead.  Every day I’m impressed by the solutions customers build with Brazos, from Vietnam to Poland, and all parts inbetween.  Why? because it is, quite simply, your best option for building effective and responsive UIs for BPM – that just happen to be beautiful as well. It doesn’t hurt that it will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in development costs, and greatly improve your time to market.

Thanks again to our Brazos development team that does such a great job with every release.

Brazos UI Enterprise v4.9.0 is available for download from the BP3 Support Site. v4.9.0 includes many improvements and bug fixes. Highlights of this release are:

  • The Date Time Picker has been improved with additional display features and configuration options, including support for blackout dates and many additional date and time formats. See the Date Time Picker documentation in the Brazos UI Examples Process App for a list of the available formatting options. These same formatting options can also be used in the Output Text control via the “Other Date Format” configuration option.
  • Developers can now use “Filter Objects” with Chart controls when loading data from AJAX. This allows you to easily customize the data shown in the charts based on other values on the page.
  • Loading of large selection lists with the Combo Box can now be deferred until a user interacts with the control through use of a lazy-load service.
  • Tool tip help has been added to the buttons on the Attach File control.
  • Updated examples for the Combo Box, Map, Date Time Picker and Attach File controls.

See the release notes for v4.9.0 for details on all the fixes and improvements.

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