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Scott Francis

Not too long ago, I had occasion to visit Carlsberg in Denmark and see how they leverage Brazos Portal and Brazos UI in their business.? It was really compelling to see how their business users have organized their work depending on their roles in the processes they use. Self-organizing their work has led to innovations and new feature requests for Brazos Portal.?

Our development team has worked hard to incorporate those innovations - and the feedback from dozens of other production customers - into successive Brazos Portal releases.? And that's why we get to greet the smiling faces of real end-users when we visit our customers - being empowered and listened to is a powerful force - and being appreciated as a development team is just as powerful a force.? Version 1.14 is just yet another solid improvement to the core functionality of finding and organizing your process work.

At a conference not long ago, an image of a customer portal on Bizagi was tweeted out at a Gartner conference:

This is what often passes for a portal out in the world of enterprise software and enterprise processes.? By contrast:


It isn't hard to see why people who actually use software prefer something that is not only functional and fast, but also feels great when you're using it. Our customers tell us that their organizations are able to absorb more process roll outs with Brazos Portal than they would be able to with other "portals" on the market.

Brazos Portal v1.14.1 is now available for download. Customers who have Brazos Portal support can find their customized Brazos Portal v1.14.1 build in their custom download articles which can be found here.

This release of Brazos Portal includes security patches, user interface improvements,? bug fixes, and performance improvements. We recommend that all customers upgrade to v1.14.1.

View the release notes for the details on the fixes and improvements included in v1.14.1.

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