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The title of the article is 9 Qualities of Truly Confident People.? "Truly Confident People" make excellent BPM consultants (or consultants in general):

First things first: Confidence is not bravado, or swagger, or an overt pretense of bravery. Confidence is not some bold or brash air of self-belief directed at others.

Confidence is quiet: It?s a natural expression of ability, expertise, and self-regard.

I would add a corollary to this - don't mistake quietude for lack of ambition. Some of the most ambitious people I know are quiet, calm... you would never know the fire in their belly for their dreams, until you get them started talking about them...

Highlights from the article:

  1. They take a stand not because they think they are always right? but because they are not afraid to be wrong.
  2. They listen ten times more than they speak
  3. They duck the spotlight so it shines on others
  4. They freely ask for help
  5. They think, "Why not me?"
  6. They don't put down other people
  7. They aren't afraid to look silly
  8. And they own their mistakes
  9. They only seek approval from people who really matter.

I would add one:

10.? They aren't afraid to change their mind in the face of new information.

I've seen a lot of otherwise brilliant people dig in, even when the data contradicts them.? Confident people will accept that they were mistaken and adjust to the new reality quickly and move forward.

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