Fixing the Food at Airports

  • July 30, 2017
  • Scott

Austin’s airport has had a philosophy of putting local restaurants in the mix.  It isn’t a hard and fast rule, but one they’ve tried to live by.  As we all know, airline and airport food has left something to be desired, in general, over the years.

But with the quality of airline food declining, the need for good bites inside the secured area of airports is increasing.  Airports are looking to make their vast spaces more relevant – and profitable.  Let’s hope more airports follow Austin’s lead in this regard, by focusing on better food…

Austin is taking its rightful place as a leader in this foodie endeavor, with the opening of several local restaurants at the airport this summer:

  • Hut’s Hamburgers – one of Austin’s iconic burger joints
  • TacoDeli – one of the best taco purveyors
  • Peached Tortilla – my favorite spot for Asian-TexMex fusion
  • Jo’s Coffee – more good coffee is a Good Thing.
  • Flyrite Chicken – a new-ish local chicken venue…
  • Mandola’s Italian Market – great Italian food
  • Hat Creek Burger Co.  – another local Austin burger joint.
  • JuiceLand – how Austin gets its juicing fix on
  • Mad Greens – I assume this is vegetarian fare 🙂
  • Berry Austin – Ice Cream and Yogurt…

Also coming soon:

  • I Vini
  • and Second Bar + Kitchen – one of my favorite restaurants in Austin

And already warming hearts in the airport:

  • Ruta Maya,
  • Annie’s Kitchen,
  • the Salt Lick (good BBQ at the airport is hard to come by, this is it)
  • Maudie’s (it isn’t the same as being in the restaurants in Austin, but they do a good job with the food)
  • Amy’s Ice Cream (an Austin institution)
  • Mangia Pizza
  • Etc.

I hope your next trip in-or-out of Austin’s Airport involves sampling some of the local fare!




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