Final Thoughts on #bpmNEXT

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Scott Francis

There's too much to write about from bpmNEXT for me to relay it all in our blog, though I've done my best.? I could have written a post about almost every presentation, but I'll forgo that.

But I think I should leave behind a few final impressions from the event.

First, this event is like a reunion, if you know any number of the people who attend.? There's a real benefit to attending more than once.

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Second, there's no better time to sit down and get to know other leaders in the BPM space.? This time around I got to spend more time getting to know Jakob Freund from Camunda, and Miguel Valdes Faura from Bonitasoft. I also got to meet, for the first time, Appian's CTO, Michael Beckley - we had a great conversation and I can't imagine it happening without a venue like bpmNEXT.? It would be easy to underestimate the value of this camaraderie, but this is our "Deer Valley" event - in future years you could imagine deals getting done here as they would nowhere else - because it is a good place to connect.

Third, this is an opportunity to get a a view into the technology side of BPM that is just around the corner or here today - and yet will take potentially years to be widely adopted in industry based on normal technology adoption curves.

Fourth, it is getting the attention of analysts with good reason.? And yet, many of the presenters fly below the radar of the Gartner and Forrester analysis.? No one has done the definitive evaluation of open source software vendors in BPM, for example.? Services vendors continue to be rarely represented in research notes as well (and when they come out, they tend to favor big Systems Integrators with poor success track records).

Looking forward to next year already.? Thanks Nathaniel, Bruce, and Heather - what a fantastic event.




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