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Jocelyn Goldfein once again weighs in on recruiting, with another great post on Medium: "Read Resumes Backward".? As a Trilogy alum, you can see that recruiting and quality of people is forefront in her mind - and yet she's open minded to where that talent comes from and how to find it.

Reading the resume backward allows you to start with pedigree and walk forward in their career to see what kind of opportunities that had and whether they made the most of them:

It?s an incredible competitive advantage to be able to spot the talent that doesn?t come with a pedigree.

Non-pedigree talent doesn?t have every valley employer knocking on their door. Non-pedigree talent may be scrappier about operating without the comforts, infrastructure, or scale of a big employer. And non-pedigree by definition means you get more breadth of background, more hybrid vigor, and often more creativity and resilience. You can?t spot those on a resume???but you can spot some leading indicators and give yourself a chance to find them in a screening interview.

If you're interested in improving your hiring game, read the rest of Jocelyn's advice on recruiting.

I see this pedigree-based and skill-based recruiting too often in the Austin market.? Companies need to invest in people that don't know a specific skill but have demonstrated adaptability or aptitude by picking up other skills on the job.? Companies in Austin need to invest in people who don't have the pedigree to start but have proven resourcefulness and have a self-learning track record. What I hear in Austin too often is that there's a talent shortage - but what I don't hear is what companies are doing to embrace atypical hires and grow them, or to do recruiting outside of Austin for non-pedigreed people.

As long as that's the case, I'm happy to take advantage of the edge we're being granted...

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