Fascinating Take on Uber's New CEO and its Opportunity

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Scott Francis

Ben Thompson weighs in on his blog, with respect to Uber's new CEO.? His conclusion is what caught my attention:

And yet, the company has landed on a candidate that I am quite enthused about, and that, I think, is a reminder of just why Uber is so compelling. So many tech startups blather on about changing the world; Uber actually is, for the better. To that end, I would argue that one of Kalanick?s greatest failings was in his inability to sell Uber: the company offers a compelling service for riders, an economically attractive one for drivers (who drive by choice), and makes the cities within which it operates better. That the company has managed to become a pariah is the most powerful testament there is to Kalanick?s failure as CEO.

To that end I hope Kalanick and the other members of the board truly give Khosrowshahi the space he needs to rework Uber?s culture, finances, strategy, and image. The fact of the matter is that Uber?s missteps have already cost it much of its global ambitions; Kalanick in particular needs to give the space for Khosrowshahi to aggregate the opportunity that remains.

?Uber's mis-steps have cost it many opportunities (we are quite familiar with this in Austin, trust me - and in fact when we looked for a TNC partner for Driven 2017 this year, we looked to Ride Austin instead).? Let's hope that Dara Khosrowshani can turn around the company and its culture.

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