Evernote is Coming to Austin

  • August 31, 2011
  • Scott

More signs of momentum in Austin:  I’m a fan of Evernote, and in particular I think they’ve been smart about their application development strategy.  But today recently came news that Evernote is opening a development lab in Austin, which is great news for Austin, and hopefully for Evernote as well.

Credit to Austin Startup for bringing it to my attention first – there’s also an article on the Austin-American Statesman.  I also learned something new from the Austin Startup post:

Note that both Rich and Evernote’s CEO Phil Libin are no strangers to Austin; during the early 2000′s they spent their time at Vignette.

I didn’t realize they were previously at Vignette.  Nice Austin connection.  They’re getting started the right way – hosting a happy hour downtown and getting their job postings up.

Coming next week, several startup-oriented events, culminating in Capital Factory’s Demo Day ’11, and the ATX Startup Crawl afterward.

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