Evangelism and Adoption

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Scott Francis

Angela Ashenden of MWD wrote about using evangelists to fuel your adoption strategy in December:

A network of evangelists ? or ?advocates?, ?ambassadors? or ?champions? if you prefer ? can have a hugely positive impact not only on your chances of success with your social collaboration initiative, but also on the speed with which you can drive adoption and change. These are people who are enthusiastic about your initiative, and who can talk on a peer-to-peer basis with their colleagues to help spread your message and show people the advantages of using social collaboration practices and technologies in their specific roles or context.

Of course, evangelists are a great way to spread the use of any technology - and that's exactly what's driven the use of Brazos UI at BP3 - moderate use of social media, the blog, and just producing a great product that has differentiated value.? The word of mouth evangelism for Brazos has done more than anything else to promote its use across a great many projects.

But, you can't create evangelists inorganically.? Evangelists are a result of building great product, listening to your early adopters, and implementing accordingly to meet or exceed their needs.? Evangelism is, in its best sense, earned.



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