Emerging Market Opportunity in BPM

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Scott Francis

Historically, BPM has often been applied to businesses to improve operations.? Sometimes those operations directly support customers, and sometimes those operations are considered "back office" or internal.

As BPM has matured, we're experiencing a new market opportunity:? Software and Services targeted at the operational aspects of companies' BPM operations.? BP3 has been supplying the services side of this equation for years now with BP Labs support services.? We started with supporting developers, and then added production support, and managed services. In 2014, we started offering 24x7 support worldwide.? I believe we're the only BPM-focused services firm that can offer this kind of holistic approach to BPM operations.? And this is the kind of BPM partner service you need if your business depends upon BPM.

Our front row seat to our customer's needs also caused us to start writing software.? First, we wrote software to support their development efforts, like Brazos.?? But next, we turned our attention to software to assist with migrations of BPM versions.? And software to monitor production BPM instances.? And finally, turning our attention to supporting the whole development process with Neches Analysis.

Neches is a new suite for supporting the operational side of BPM.? Reviewing the quality of BPM applications before they go into production, and providing feedback on patterns and anti-patterns.? The first release is focused on the analysis part of the quality process equation.

The key, from our point of view is that each investment is a piece of the puzzle toward making BPM truly valuable to our customers' businesses, by making it easier to use, less expensive to run, and more reliable.? And each investment supports the value of the others.? But maybe the best part of this new market opportunity, is the opportunity to create really happy customers who reinforce our efforts with their references and thanks.



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