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Scott Francis

We had a great Driven 2018 event.? Our focus on Digital Operations led us to many interesting places in this year's conference, and nothing makes you feel better about a conference than someone else writing a blog post about it!

Joshua Placette wrote The Wave of Real Digital Transformation - A Driven 2018 Recap over on the iGrafx blog.? He is a first-time attendee and had just started recently at iGrafx when he attended:

At BP3?s Driven event I had the chance to see smaller, point solution providers acknowledging that they weren?t trying to be everything to everyone, but instead committing to being the best at what they focus on.? Whether it was RPA from Automation Anywhere, BPM suites from Pega, or low code/no code automation from Bizagi, it was clear that these vendors were all-in on what they do best.? It was refreshing.

Also refreshing was listening to Rob Koplowitz from Forrester deliver his keynote presentation and hearing him explain that customer journey mapping is far and away the biggest driver in process improvement initiatives.? This year it drove 57% of projects and is expected to grow moving into 2019.? This resonated with me, because it proves that enterprises are looking putting their money where their mouth is with digital transformation.

Our sponsors and keynote speakers did a great job of bringing different perspectives to the event and making it that much more fruitful for our attendees.? They didn't just get our take on what's going on in the industry, there were 5 sponsors to learn from as well as other clients, and Forrester analysts.? I'll have more to say about Driven in upcoming posts but in the meantime, I wanted to share this great piece from Joshua Placette!

If you attended this year, share your experiences in the comments below!

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