Driven Featured Speaker: Andrew Bartels, Forrester

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Krista White

Driven 2018 is coming up quick and we wanted to share some of our most anticipated sessions with you. You can register for Driven here. Join a community of analysts, industry experts, and like-minded individuals to explore the technology and trends that are disrupting every industry. With over 40 sessions on topics like: RPA, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Design Thinking, and User Experience there is a path for everyone from IT to C-level.

This year at Driven we are excited to welcome Forrester Analyst, Andrew Bartels. Andrew is known for his writings on offerings for the CIO and we are excited to have him speaking at Driven.

Andrew will be speaking about Digital Transformation impacts on back office processes. Andrew will discuss how in the Age of the Customer and in a growing economy, companies are understandably focused on transforming their front-office processes of marketing, sales, commerce, customer service, and fulfillment. ?But digital transformation can't stop at the front office. Back-end processes of finance, HR, supply chain, purchasing, risk management, and core transaction systems also need to be transformed. And these transformations apply just as much for B2B as for B2C relationships. In this presentation Andrew will review the bottlenecks and disconnects in back-office processes and in B2B relationships, and the opportunities to use digital process automation to make them work better.

Make sure to register so you don?t miss out on Andrew?s presentation and over 40 other exciting sessions!

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