Driven Day 5: The Final Day of Automation Goodness: Enterprise UX and Design

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Scott Francis

Day 4 of Driven was all about modernizing applications - and bringing a process sensibility to the mix. After all, your systems should adapt to support your process, not the other way around!  If you joined us yesterday, you got a view into the care and craft that has gone into incrementally and repeatedly raising the state of the art for whatever we do for you.

For our final day of Driven, we want to focus on Enterprise UX and Design.  Why Enterprise?  Because designing for the enterprise is different than designing for the consumer, and it is different than designing for a small product team. Our team understands how to navigate the personalities and political pressures of building critical business applications - and how to show with evidence why a well-designed solution will out-perform a solution that wasn't designed, or was poorly designed.

I always wanted to work with designers who understood my time constraints. And designers who understood the constraints of the development tools I was using. And the constraints of what I can get stakeholders to agree to. Our design team gets all of that. This is team I work with when I want something thoughtfully designed.

Every time one of you have hired our design team to take on a challenge, we've had rave feedback about the results. This team really delivers the goods. And our team really enjoys building the solutions this team designs.

One thing I can guarantee - you'll get your ROI from the investments you make in Design with BP3.  It isn't too late to register to see tomorrow's sessions here, our sessions start at 10am Central US time. If you show up a few minutes early, you get to see the final installment of Stuart's coffee time - which has caused me to have a second cup of coffee every morning this week! 

The schedule: 

  1. UX and UI are NOT the same
  2. UX Maturity
  3. Product Design Process and Principles
  4. UX Impact
  5. Maximizing ROI
  6. Engineering Round Table: Value of UX 
  7. Q&A 

It's going to be really good - we have a couple of guest speakers in the mix here but I will leave it all for a surprise tomorrow! 

And a quick plug for Stuart - one of his passions is coffee. I love that our team has these passions outside of work, that still, somehow, reflect *why* they are also amazing at what they do for BP3. There's something about the refinement of a process to make great coffee, that need to learn something new, to improve yourself and your process- that is such a great culture fit for what we do at BP3. His other passion is helping you, our clients.

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