Driven Day 4: Application Modernization

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Scott Francis

I really enjoyed co-hosting Process Automation Day with Lance Gibbs this morning. We visited the gravesite of Process.... and of BPMN... only to find that these two concepts live on! Thanks to Andrew Paier for stepping in to help remind us all why BPMN matters to representing process models.

One point I wanted to hit home is that if you're using a platform to build your processes, and that platform has eschewed BPMN - say, to use a "list of actions" as a process- I would tell you that that company has turned their backs on 20 years of research and investment into processes with BPMN. These platforms aren't taking process seriously if they haven't adopted BPMN. An analogy I would use is to think about decisioning. How many products have you used that had "rules" baked into the system - only to find out that it was a sad implementation of a truth table - which solves a very small set of problems. What you need is a decisioning or rules engine - not a truth table. And that is approximately what these monolithic walled gardens are offering you to build your "processes"...

On Thursday (tomorrow as I'm writing this) we will turn the page to the fourth major theme: Application Modernization. This session is going to show how we can bring process sensibilities and a process lens to the work of building solutions. What I love about our team is that when you hire us to build for you, we build a product of one - a product for you. That means bringing all of the devops and CICD to the table.

The schedule sounds awesome: 

  1. Audit Process Modernization
  2. Modernizing a BPM Solution
  3. Application Modernization - a Telco Case Study
  4. Brazos Portal/Task Manager Demo
  5. Moving Past the Monolithic Application with Microservices Architecture
  6. Modernizing a Cruise Line Reservation System

I can't wait! I'd show up for any one of these topics, looking forward to hitting them all in 2 hours! It isn't too late to register here for the session (or for all of them).  If you register and attend, there's a t-shirt in it for you!

See you at Driven Day 4! 

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