Driven Day 3: Process Automation Day

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Scott Francis

We had a great day today for RPA (Robotic Process Automation Day).  We're moving on tomorrow (Wednesday) to our third theme:  Process Automation. And David Brakoniecki teed it up perfectly at the end of his discussion. Brak laid out the market dynamics that are shaping our world in Automation. One thing that has always been true for process automation - whether it was called process re-engineering, workflow, business process management, digital process automation, or case management - is that it seems to adapt to different technology waves as they roll through - because processes are something that is part of the human condition - as well as part of anything that can be automated in a reasonable fashion.

On Wednesday (tomorrow as I'm writing this), we look forward to a great schedule - is process dead? is BPMN dead? How are these ideas relevant in the modern world? 

We will also demonstrate new techniques for process discovery and discuss how they can apply to our work, and we will have a discussion with Jeremy Warren about how Keller Williams leverages process to enable new behaviors and go-to-market for their real-estate-agents!  It isn't too late to register here for the session (or for all of them).  If you register and attend, there's a t-shirt in it for you! 

And if you show up just a few minutes early, you can catch the third installment from our very own Stuart, on the topic of coffee - a highly process-focused beverage that is part of our lives and way of life. One of our favorite coffee mugs reads "I turn coffee into process" - and that could be our motto for Day 3! 

See you in the morning! 

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