Driven 2018 Featured Session Announcement: Chat and Machine Learning IRL

  • July 23, 2018
  • Ariana

[Editor’s note: Driven 2018 is coming up quick and we wanted to share some of our most anticipated sessions with you. You can register for Driven here. Join a community of analysts, industry experts, and like-minded individuals to explore the technology and trends that are disrupting every industry. With over 40 sessions on topics like: RPA, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Design Thinking, and User Experience there is a path for everyone from IT to C-level. ]


In new automation projects information from a customer is often needed to proceed. In the Chat and Machine Learning IRL (in real life) session Rob Minford and Justin Philips will show you how a chatbot could be integral to completing these tasks more efficiently. They will explore chat and other cognitive techniques that could take your automation transformation to another level, and discuss different real world use cases and implementations.

Check out the schedule for Driven 2018 and join us for this and other exciting sessions!

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