Driven 2017 Speaker Announcement: Discovering Decisions with Tracy Hires

  • July 11, 2017
  • Krista

Driven 2017 (register today!) has a wide range of topics from blockchain and RPA to process automation but one of the most popular types of sessions we offer are the getting started sessions. What do I need to be thinking about to bring a new technology or practice into my business? This is a practical question that is all too often breezed over.
One of my personal favorites this year is Discovering Decisions with Tracy Hires. Tracy has worked in decision management for over 12 years and he loves to introduce people to the concepts behind decision discovery. It is going to be a cannot miss session!

Here is the abstract:
When it comes to Decision Management getting started is often the hardest part. How do I know what decisions should be automated? How do I decide where to start? How do I discover new decisions to increase my business productivity? In this session, you will learn about the process of decision discovery, where to start and what questions to ask.

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