Doubling down on Decision Management

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Scott Francis

There are rare opportunities to combine forces with another company that really embodies everything your company stands for.? In Teknovare, we have found such a company, and earlier today we publicly announced our acquisition.? Teknovare has in many ways been to decision management what BP3 has been to BPM:? experts in their craft; practitioners who take care of their customers; a team that wants to build something bigger than any one person can achieve individually.

We're most excited about the people coming to BP3 - we'll now have not only the best BPM team in the business in the USA, we might just be on the way to being the best ODM (operational decision management) team as well.? We're also acquiring the interests of Teknovare - their IP and methods and software - tools of the trade that their team will continue to leverage to create successful customers and projects.

We're increasingly finding opportunities to leverage decision management techniques in our business process work, and vice versa- and we're putting our money where our mouth is with respect to the market opportunity.?

This is exciting for all of us at BP3 and Teknovare.? This is our second acquisition, and we?ve never done an acquisition in the US before.? We?re doing it for the right reasons:? culture, adding complementary skills, and growing our business.? A side benefit is that we have critical mass in Denver now, which will likely lead to an office there in the near future.

I want to thank the Teknovare team - each one - for their vote of confidence in our team at BP3.? I'm glad that you see what I see in this team - a group to ride the river with.? In many ways, we are still putting the band back together and we're glad to have you with us for the next refrain.

And I want to thank the BP3 team - for making this the kind of place that our friends at Teknovare wanted to come hang their shingle.? It's a rare thing, what we have here, and I treasure it every day.?



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