Doing Things that Don't Scale

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Scott Francis

At BP3, a big part of the customer experience we create for customers is by doing things that "don't scale". But I'm always looking for inspiration from other sources.? And the other day I found it in the Groove blog:

?Look, I could tell you what we?re doing, but it wouldn?t help you. We have 10,000 customers. You have zero. You need to focus on your first five customers.?
He went on to share some of the things that he did when they were working to get their first handful of users.
I hadn?t heard anything like it in my other conversations.
None of it was scaleable, but it didn?t matter. Without it, he told me, they?d never get the chance to scale.
That chat changed the way I thought about growth.

The post also really emphasizes onboarding and nurturing new customers - something that we focus on as well.? Building the relationship early is critical.? But based on the fans we're earning for our products and services, I think we're on the right path:

Takeaway: Getting your customers to ?wow? might be a time- and team-consuming effort, but until your product is established enough to speak for itself, there?s no way around it.

Some things are worth the effort.

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