Does iOS 7 Leave Room for Differentiated Apps?

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Scott Francis

If you want to read a thoughtful analysis of iOS 7 design, look no further than the Xtreme Labs blog on the subject. They give points for the clean design but acknowledge the shock factor:

The clean and modern UI, with its sharper, brighter and whiter style, is a refreshing and eagerly awaited departure from earlier iOS versions. Some will be shocked at the marked change, but overall attention to white space, more refined typography, and a sense of depth through translucency are just some of the positive attributes of the new design. Though it does seem to reference other operating systems and apps, this is inevitable since interface design in general has been trending towards a much flatter approach

And I thought this was an interesting theory that will be tested in the months to come:

Some of the most beautiful apps in the app store today exist because the OS environment allowed the use of variable visual elements and styles. It may prove difficult for brands to implement their logos and colours in the same manner as before, resulting in apps that are stripped of many of their visual differentiators. We hope the guidelines will outline ways in which designers and developers are able to customize their apps in this new UI paradigm.


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