Do we need to Disrupt BPM?

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Scott Francis

Gary Comerford is thoughtful, as usual in his recent post on "BPM Disruption":

There are certain individuals in the BPM stream who seek to disrupt the status quo. Some of them are blatantly provocative with what they say, others are more subtle and seek to try and influence people. They have made it their mission in life (sometimes as individuals, sometimes as heads of companies) to be deliberately inflammatory in their comments. Usually this is done to provoke a reaction and start a dialogue or a conversation.

I wonder if some of this native disruptive element in BPM circles is related to the fact that BPM practitioners are often in the business of disrupting within large companies, within customers. Winning people over to the promise of BPM and process improvement. Or, management by process, as some prefer.

But the kind of disruption I'm interested in isn't the verbal kind, or the blogging kind, but the market-changing kind.? The rise of cloud computing and mobile devices has given vendors in myriad enterprise software categories an opportunity to disrupt the status quo.? Those who got behind BPMN early were able to disrupt many of the existing BPM vendors who favored BPEL or XPDL.? Open source software vendors seek to disrupt with pricing (free!) while others seek to disrupt with a different approach to creating business value? (ACM).

Proof of disruption is in the markets, not in blogs.? Blogs are like breadcrumbs, but public markets are where disruption is felt.? Just about every company in the space is looking for its own little piece of the disruption pie.? And that's good news for the Fortune 1000 or Global 1000 companies looking to manage by process.



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