Digital Transformation: Clay Richardson on the Digital Fast Forward

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Scott Francis

Clay Richardson sees a lot of disruption coming for BPM programs as they logically transition into Digital Transformation programs.? And he's not wrong: we have literally seen BPM initiatives re-branded as digital initiatives - but sometimes to great effect.? Clay has a new company: Digital Fastforward. And he came to bpmNEXT to deliver a great talk about how he sees the world now that he's independent.

First, he made a comparison of BPM vendors and wildebeasts crossing the river in Africa.? You just know some of them aren't going to make it.? He proposed that 75% of BPM programs might not survive the shift to "Digital" - a big reason why is a lack of necessary skills.? Although companies and programs see the need to be aligned with Digital, they often lack the skills to get there.

  • They don't get out of the building and meet their customers
  • They don't hold hack-athons or other unstructured ways to surface new ideas
  • They don't reward controlled failures - from which we can learn.? A failed experiment is still a good experiment if we learn from it.
  • They have to learn how to build, measure, and learn.

Clay is pitching a more democratic idea of change. Not something handed down by central command, but something we instill a desire for in the team. If they want to change, they will find their way.? We do that by getting our teams into their customers' shoes - so that they can convince themselves they need to change.

Great to see Clay presenting again - and to see that the entrepreneurial bug has struck again!? Because of his and other presentations, I won't be surprised to see bpmNEXT shift to more digital transformation content next year.

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