Digital Operations: Why We’re Often Talking About Process (Part 1)

  • April 3, 2018
  • Scott

When the subject of Digital Transformation comes up, I’m often asked “what is it?” by folks who are not working in a large enterprise that is looking to transform itself.  I tell them our clients are innovating new digital experiences, new products, and new services.  When I explain it to my friends or acquaintances outside of the firms in the midst of digital transformations, they generally compare it to the days of “process re-engineering” in the 90’s (hello Mr. Hammer!), if they’re old enough to remember.

And they’re not far off.  If Process Re-Engineering was “blew up your standard operating procedures” to come up with new ways to fulfill your business, it often ignored (to its detriment) the technological capabilities that were coming online via vast improvements in software and computing throughput.  But at least those re-engineering days entailed really trying to rethink your approach to your business.

Fast forward to today.  Digital Transformation: businesses are re-thinking their approach to their customer experiences!

So why do we care so much about the process? Because Digital Transformation is making promises to your customers.   Promising a digital experience, a better result, faster service, transparent fulfillment; in short, a new better digital customer experience.  Without the new better digital customer journey to go with it, our digital promises are writing checks our operations can’t cash.

The customer journey is a process.  And that is why the processes are critical to  successful digital operations.  And when someone familiar with digital transformation initiatives asks me what we mean by digital operations – they get exactly what the problem is, and why we’re focused on it.  Forrester would tell you that the main reason digital transformation initiatives fail is due to a failure to support with the right processes.

In the next post I want to focus on an article from CIO magazine on this subject and peel this back another layer, by focusing on the evolution of BPM.


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