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On my last trip to Europe, the second leg involved a trip to Denmark - my first visit, which was a real pleasure.?

After arriving in Copenhagen, I was greeted by one of our customers, so to speak...? They? have a nice greeting in the airport as you exit baggage claim.


In Copenhagen, I was treated to nice views of the water, and the wind mills offshore in the distance:


I think this time of year in Denmark could be described to an Austinite as a cold Austin winter day.? No snow, but the wind and temperature would put a hat on your head.

At Carlsberg's offices I was treated to meeting not only their whole development team, which was gratifying, but also their business sponsors and end users. It was a great tour de force for Brazos Portal, which along with Brazos UI, was the star of the show.? It was a personal treat to hear that they love the Task Drive and the custom filtering and organization that suits each person's role and responsibility.?

Later that afternoon, Kenneth Lindegaard and I joined an afternoon conference of CXOs to discuss disruption, innovation, and BPM.? It was an event hosted by our business partner, Futurum IT - and an honor to be invited to join and to speak.? The attendees were from every walk of industry - further confirmation that business process management is one of the tools of the trade that applies to any business.

The short version is - the technology landscape is changing - and this is both an opportunity and a challenge.? It is up to us to decide how to take it on.? Thankfully, BPM is sufficiently conceptual to leverage the benefits of this technological change without being obsoleted by it.? If new interface paradigms arise, perhaps your current mobile app is obsoleted, but not the concept of including mobile users in your process!? If deployment architectures change from on-premise to cloud, or from cloud to on-prem, or to a mobile? devices-? BPM? concepts still play across these technical shifts and give them meaning in the context of a Business.?

And after all, doing business is why we're here.

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As a Texan, felt right at home with the Art Cows

As a Texan, felt right at home with the Art Cows[/caption]




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