Data.World Comes to Driven 2017: Leveraging the Power of Third-Party Data

  • August 2, 2017
  • Krista

Data.World is a promising startup in Austin with the goal of building the most meaningful, collaborative, and abundant data resource in the world.  From their website:

“At least 18M open datasets exist today. Only 2.4M websites existed at Google’s launch in 1998. Open data holds great promise for society, and we think its impact should grow as quickly as its volume. We’ve built a platform where the world’s problem solvers can find and use a vast array of high-quality open data.”

At Driven, Data.World will be hosting a workshop that shows off some of the latest techniques for accessing and reasoning about data – the tools are fantastic.  And in the process, participants get a sense of how to leverage open data sets in their work.

Workshop: leveraging the power of third-party data

We’re awash in a sea of data, but it can be challenging to identify which datasets are useful for your work and how to actually integrate them.—the Austin-based data sharing & collaboration platform—has been working with the US Census Bureau to ingest their data in new formats to help data users enrich analyses with vital US demographic information.
Join data scientist and knowledge engineer Jonathan Ortiz to see how third party data like the Census can be used to uncover new insights- whether you’re involved in product, sales, or anything in between.

This will be a laptops-out, interactive session; technical knowledge of SQL helpful but not required.


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