Data Science + Business Process

  • October 5, 2017
  • Scott

Great article by Olan Anesini on the subject of process + data science over on Medium.  It’s a theme we’ve been exploring at BP3 for a couple of years now, and one that innovators in business process technologies are also focused on, if product roadmap announcements from Bonitasoft and IBM are any indication.  Olan, after introducing both data science and Business Process Management, writes:

As BPM provides a constrained workflow for user activities (habits), automates data transformation and ensures that actions are made in a pre-defined order, can data science answer specific questions from data generated by a BPM application?

One of the major difficulties faced in this challenge is the heterogeneity of the data produced by business processes. Every project using BPM is different, and can belong to different business verticals (e.g. e-learning, banking, educational, manufacture, and so on).

I think we’ll see a lot of good work in this arena out of BPM vendors and data science experts (independently and together) in the next few years.  Process gives context and meaning to many data science activities that otherwise might lack both, and makes it more clear which data is signal and which is noise. Lots of value to unlock here…

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