Creating User Forms with Open Source BPM Engines

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Andrew Paier

BrazosOpen is a toolset that allows you to create rich, interactive web applications for your BPM solutions. We give you a complete angular based set of HTML widgets that fully understand the OpenSource BPM engine you are using. You don?t have to worry about interacting with the engine; we take care of that for you.

BrazosOpen also provides a service engine that allows you to run groovy scripts in the context of your process instance. This allows you to pull data from the process instance and even more importantly, from any other system your form needs.

If you are currently using an open source BPM engine, Brazos Open will change how you think about user task forms. No longer do you need to create a new task for each user step. With Brazos Open you are creating rich single page applications that run in the context of each task. Here is an example of a UI we created that admits patients into a doctor?s office:


Here, the information on the right (including the image) changes as the user changes the selection on the type ahead. When you click on Details, a modal pops up showing details on the customer doctor visits:


This entire form was created without any javascript and with very little HTML code. As you edit the form, the changed process data gets written to the server. This means that if the user reloads the form, they are right where they left off and don?t have to start all over again.

Let?s take a closer look on the first name field of the form:


This is the input field for the first name:

-input label = 'First Name' ng-model = "data.patient.firstName">

This one simple line takes care of all the hard work for you. It displays BPM process data for the patient first name, updates the server on change and even handles validation. For more information on how to implement this yourself, see our users guide which is installed in the product

BrazosOpen comes with a large number of widgets for layout and display, from the simple, like input box, to the more complex, like editable tables and type aheads. We hope that you get an opportunity to work with BrazosOpen so that you can provide your customers with the best BPM UI available with the least amount of effort on your part. good.

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