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Editor's Note: This is a series devoted to the migrations from the IBM Digital Process Automation eclipse based designer to IBM Digital Process Automation?s Web Process Designer. To start your readiness check register for our questionnaire here:

I?m sure that most people are aware of the new Web Process Designer in IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) . (A rather limited version was introduced in v8.x.x and subsequent releases enhanced its capability.) Many customers have largely chosen to ignore its appearance - primarily because it didn?t support all of the capabilities of the Desktop Process Designer.

Whilst there was nothing wrong with this strategy in the early days it is now probably fairly safe to conclude that the most recent releases in IBM BPM v8.6 and IBM BAW v18 can be regarded as feature complete. (Whilst there is no definite statement from IBM on this at the time of writing all of the indications are that there are unlikely to be significant changes now.) So, it seems, now is the time to start to plan and execute ?conversion? of code to the Web Process Designer.

Thankfully IBM have provided quite a bit of tooling to support this conversion process and much of your code should convert fairly seamlessly. However, not all of it will! So, it will be incumbent upon you to re-test all of your code post-conversion to be sure that the conversion process didn?t introduce any defects. For most people this complete regression test of all live BPM code is going to be a mammoth task.

That said, for those customers that were far-sighted enough to build automated test suites for BPM, then this ?toe-to-head? re-test and re-deployment of all of the code in the BPM estate should be pretty straight forward (see my previous article on automated testing).

For other customers, however, the pressure of existing delivery deadlines and resource restrictions will mean that they are going to struggle to fit this in without impacting delivery dates. Yet, this problem isn?t going away and has to be addressed somehow. In that case then you should consider outsourcing the problem to BP3. We can do the work remotely and we can fit it in and around your existing delivery schedule to minimise the impact of regression testing on the wider programme. Simply put, we can make the problem go away for you.

In addition to doing the basic code conversion BP3 are also able to offer a full-stack solution in which we will also write automated tests for all of the code that we convert and deliver these test suites back to you for future cycles. And if you need help setting up DevOps pipelines to enable Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery around your IBM BPM platform then we can do that for you as well.

So, don?t look at your Toolkit Dependency nightmares and Web Process Designer conversion as a huge problem. Start looking at them as the ideal opportunity to implement automated testing and DevOps to cut your delivery cycle time and decrease defect rates in Production.

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