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Scott Francis

We spend a fair amount of time giving back to the BPM community by sharing our best practices.? But we also like to give back when it comes to our experiences and know-how in other areas. Two recent posts on Medium highlight this :

First, a post on OSCON 2016, O'Reilly's open source conference in Austin on May 18th and 19th:

A majority of the sessions I attended were in the data science track but I was also seduced by a few system architecture tracks. A lot of the data science tracks were introductions to open source software or analytical approaches that I had worked with or researched on my own, so I was concerned that some of these sessions may not be very useful for me. I can say now how wrong I was! Even with topics that I was very familiar, hearing how someone else thinks about something, how they went about solving or learning something is incredibly useful; It can completely change your understanding of your own problem and solution.

And in another post on Medium, I've shared some perspective as a new CEO at BP3 - a little bit of a view behind the curtain:

We are building a ?machine? that can execute the mission, every time. And that performance depends on people wanting to build on and around their strengths. rather than on things they wish they were good at, but aren?t. It is partly our job to help the team focus on those strengths and understand why those strengths make them so valuable to everyone else on the team, and to us as their leadership. Paradoxically, we need these same people to get better at the the things that are weaknesses???but without losing focus on the core strengths.

Hope you enjoy both reads!





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