Connie Moore: Selling BPM to the C Suite

  • March 27, 2012
  • Scott

Connie Moore posted a while back on selling Business Process Transformation to the C-Suite.  She quotes Derek Miers, one of the best in the business at boiling things down to the key points:

“It’s all about helping the executive understand the causal relationship between customer (success), process (how it gets done), and business results (revenue growth, profit, and sustainability of the business model). They are all tied up together.”

And then goes on to expand on this idea.  The key takeaway is to focus on Business Outcomes – revenue, profit, market share, growth, etc. – something that the pure services firms in the BPM space would endorse as well.  Whenever we see customers getting too far in the weeds on process stuff, we ask for the big picture affect on business outcomes.  This is a classic forest-for-the-trees problem for process experts.

Connie argues customers come second in the minds of executives, but before everything else.  For many great companies out there, however, customers come first (the definition of “business outcome” is about the customer’s experience or result, not about the company’s results), and the business revenues, profits, and growth all derive from that Customer focus.

At BP3, we start with the customer outcomes.  That drives the rest.

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