Congratulations to Demand Media, Austin

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Scott Francis

Demand Media (NASDAQ:DMD) isn't based in Austin, but a few years ago it bought an Austin-based company, Pluck, and has maintained (and grown) its presence in Austin ever since.? By all accounts the IPO today exceeded expectations - both in initial pricing and in how it finished the day (up 33%).

This is great news for the Livestrong foundation (previously known as the Lance Armstrong Foundation), and great news for Austin, rewarding some hard-working software engineers and friends of ours here in Austin.? Hopefully the business and stock will do well for employees and investors - it will certainly help the local economy.? And who knows what additional startups might sprout from their success.? From the Austin-American Statesman this morning:

The Santa Monica, Calif.-based company, run by former MySpace Inc. Chairman Richard Rosenblatt, raised $151 million, 34.5 percent more than it had expected, with shares going to institutional buyers at $17 each ? $1 more than the expected high price.
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