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My old friend and former office-mate, Kevin Gilpin, is in the news. Better yet, he and his company are in GigaOm.? There's a lot to like about this story.

  • Kevin (CTO) and wife, Elizabeth Lawler (CEO), co-founded Conjur and I love that they aren't shy about it.? It is just one of the facts of the company, they don't shy away from it nor waste time selling it.
  • Conjur was built from scratch, initially bootstrapped with consulting revenue.
  • Conjur is the product of deep expertise in a space.? This isn't "generalist hacking".? And it isn't a trivial mobile app.? Kevin is one of the best coders and technologists I've ever worked with, in great part because he is always learning, improving, and challenging.
  • Kevin is another Trilogy alum.? Investing in Trilogy alumni startups has not been a bad bet to-date.

So what did? GigaOm think?

Conjur?s husband-and-wife co-founders have a tool that?s essentially a modern day update to Active Directory, except tailored for the world of cloud computing. Say goodbye to not knowing who has access to what?s in your tangled web of the cloud.

That's not a bad way to start... I think the key feature is assigning rights that are meaningful, in the cloud, to scripts and other automation:

With Conjur, a user just has to install its software, set up an account and from there build a directory through an interface that allows them to choose which operations people or developers should control their respective data and servers. If there are certain scripts that an organization wants to use to perform automated tasks like spinning up new servers, a user can also use Conjur to make sure the script is only allowed to do that task.

Conjur has graduated to serious customers.? Like Netflix.? And graduated to serious investors:

The startup counts Avalon Ventures, Amplify Partners and and big data expert and angel investor Andy Palmer (who recently co-founded the data automation cleanup startup Tamr) as investors. Conjur has not publicly disclosed how much funding it has received so far.

Congrats to Kevin and Elizabeth - the good press couldn't happen to a better company or better people.? When the dust settles after this GigaOm post, our BP Labs group is going to take a look at Conjur and how it might be able to help our BPM customers.



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