Congratulations to Adometry

  • May 7, 2014
  • Scott


A local Austin firm, Adometry, was recently acquired by Google.  This is a good pickup for Google, and I hope the terms of the deal make it good news for our friends who currently and previously worked to build Adometry into the great marketing dashboard it is.

In a post on its Google+ page, Google reported that the purchase will help to expand its offerings on Google Analytics, which provides statistics on a website’s traffic and sources. Adometry will continue to offer its products and services to existing customers while also making its portfolio available to Google Analytics, according to Pellman.

Adometry started out as Click Forensics in 2006 and specialized in click fraud protection in paid searches. Four years later, it combined with Adometry, then based in Washington state. The company last raised $8 million in venture capital from investors such as Austin Ventures. Today, the company has more than 135 people at its Austin headquarters, with offices in Seattle and London.

Unfortunately the pricing was undisclosed, but may show up future reporting.

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