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Scott Francis

For two Austin companies in the news today.

First, Calxeda has raised a monster $55M to keep investing in ARM-technology for data centers.? Austin has long had a reputation for excellent chip design talent, and hardware talent.? Because not every engineer is chasing the next social startup, we've seen a renaissance of these types of firms in Austin (recently Silicon Labs bought two buildings in downtown Austin!). Calxeda is on the 4th floor of our building in Austin, and they've been growing like gangbusters, as demonstrated by the fact that I had to park on the 4th floor this morning in our parking garage, and by the increasing number of license plates with references to Calxeda in our garage!

Second, Social Dynamx has been acquired by Lithium Technologies Inc. of California. Congratulations to our friends at Social Dynamx - quite literally, as several of them were colleagues at Lombardi and/or IBM.? But also, congratulations to Lithium, you're acquiring a great team over there at Social Dynamx.

This is also great news for Austin:

For Lithium, Social Dynamx provides an Austin operation with an experienced engineering team, which the company intends to invest in and grow, Ryan said.
To prepare for that, the company is more than quadrupling its Austin offices on West Basin Road to 20,000 square feet.
?By coming to Austin, they?re not just acquiring our company, they?re creating a presence here,? Ryan said. ?They want to exand here, and have plans to hire people across all disciplines. We?re passionate about building a strong software company in Austin, and now we can do that even faster.?

The ABJ has coverage as well.? This should be a great way for Lithium to build a presence in Austin.?

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