Congrats to MWD: 10 years!

  • July 15, 2015
  • Scott

IMG_7940I just saw this post from Neil Ward-Dutton of MWD Advisors.

It’s 10 years since we started MWD Advisors… a time before the launch of the iPhone, Twitter and Amazon Web Services, and when Facebook was still a hobby site. Many of the big issues playing out are still the same, though, only more so.

MWD has been a go-to source of insights for BP3 since we discovered their work back in 2008 or 2009.

Back in December of 2008 I ran across my first MWD product reports:

It looks like they sell a subscription service, but they’re offering these particular BPM assessments for free in exchange for registration information. Looks like they have assessments for Lombardi, Appian, IBM, Oracle, Software AG, TIBCO, and the newest addition, Pegasystems.


After reading two of the reports, there is a strong product-focus in the reports, but no discussion of financial viability or market presence.  In a way, that’s refreshing as you see too many of these kinds of evaluations colored by areas outside of product capability, as if a healthy balance sheet alone will make the software work better for you as a customer.

And since then, we’ve written posts referencing MWD at least 30 times. More recently I referenced his “Schrödinger’s BPM” talk at bpmNEXT.

Perhaps part of why I always related to MWD’s analysis is that they were and are a scrappy, hard-working team that isn’t afraid to break a little bit of glass here and there in the process of doing their jobs, and they’re not afraid to confront disagreement and debate.  And that same description probably applies well to BP3.  Back in 2008 we were a band of 5, taking on the BPM world. We’ve come a long way since then, and the technology landscape has been dramatically altered, as he points out (iPhone! Cloud!).

I rather like this bit, however, from his 10th anniversary post:

However the point of this post isn’t to brag about how incredibly sage we were at the time (or are)! Instead, it’s to say that although it can appear that we’re currently experiencing incredibly fast-moving waves of technology innovation, when you look at the big picture of how IT impacts businesses and ecosystems, there are long-term trends in play that have been unfolding for probably well over a decade.

I think that’s just it.  Technology can develop so quickly. But the dissemination of technology and integration of it into our businesses and processes and lives takes time. And that process of incorporating innovation into our day to day operations is exactly why there’s still a lot of interesting work to do in BPM for our customer and the marketplace.

A highlight of 2015, our eighth year in business, will be that Neil Ward-Dutton is coming down to Austin, Texas for BPMCAMP this year.  It is a first to have an analyst attend our conference, and I’m flattered that it is an analyst making a trip across the pond to be here!  Congratulations from one startup to another, MWD!



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