Congrats to Alfresco on their Fundraising

  • September 10, 2014
  • Greg

Not too long ago our partner, Alfresco (makers of Activiti BPM) announced a big fundraising round.  From the Register:

Alfresco doesn’t reveal numbers, but claims 30 per cent annual growth, with strength in government, high-tech, and healthcare.

Money is also going on development further technology at Alfresco not just to securely manage content manage in cloud services like DropBox, Salesforce, Workday and Google Docs but to also co-ordinate the management between these off-prem document stores and existing on-prem content sources.

“We will invest in smart process applications that combine process control and integration with content and are able to apply it to other applications for capture, storage and management,” Newton said.

He pointed to the Activiti process engine, both an open-source project led by Alfresco and a product sold by the company, as proof the company is investing in processes to connect such disparate systems and manage content across them.

We wish to congratulate our partner, Alfresco – and we look forward to working with their customers to build and deploy process-enabled applications and content solutions.  I’m going to be attending the Alfresco Summit later this month in San Francisco, and looking forward to catching up with our Alfresco colleagues there.


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