Congrats to a VERY local startup

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Scott Francis

Congrats are in order for a startup that is right in our building at Plaza 7000 - Humm's Review App is now live, one that I have used when dining at Garrido's downtown, if I'm not mistaken.

It turns out Humm's offices are right in our building, so we see them every day when we come in to work.? Nice to see them written up in Austin Startup!

Since initially taking their product to market in February 2013, Humm has been quietly making significant impacts on the local and national restaurant scenes. With Celebrity Chef and Entrepreneur, Robert Irvine as a partner, Humm is providing restaurateurs and other guest-centric businesses, like retail and health & wellness, with unprecedented access to real-time customer feedback, enabling them to improve their guest experience and head off online negativity.
Humm?s proprietary platform has helped its clients capture and analyze guest feedback in real-time at unprecedented response rates of 85-95 percent (versus the 1 percent response rates of traditional methods). By allowing guests to voice their opinions while still in the establishment, companies adopting the Humm platform have experienced up to a 43 percent reduction in negative customer reviews on user-generated review sites. In their first year, Humm also prompted more than 150,000 interactions between businesses and their guests, allowing business operators to authentically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their operations.
?The service industry is facing the most empowered customers the world has ever seen,? said Bernard Briggs, Humm founder and CEO. ?Given the state of the industry, developing tools to engage with these customers at the right time and in the right way is paramount to their survival, and it?s what Humm is maniacally focused on providing.?

It is a pretty cool review app, and great to see it catching on.? It turns out Austin's restaurant community is a good place to experiment with this kind of product because there are lots of new restaurants to target, and because the restaurants are often backed by high-tech entrepreneurs and investors, or have tech-savvy owners and executive chefs.? The world is changing - even the restaurant world.


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