• June 12, 2014
  • Scott

Some of the coverage of Apple’s WWDC focused on Apple’s increased openness, as well as their willingness to tackle a long laundry list of features that were on every developer’s wish list:

Apple knocked nearly every item off the community’s list of wishes and complaints. As I said on the Debug podcast last week, it’s as big a Monday as I can remember for developers. And I can remember quite a few.

But beyond that, was the observation that Apple came across as more confident:

What we saw at WWDC 2014 was built by thousands of people. The leadership at the top empowered those people to not only proceed, but to succeed. The attitude behind WWDC 2014 was one of increased openness and increased confidence — an attitude that managed to depart from the worst of the past while staying true to the best. Apple is undeniably the new company it deserves to be, and Tim Cook’s stewardship is on full display.

I like this observation about Apple’s confidence in giving developers more access, more degrees of motion, and more integration points.  Apple has already, in previous years (and again this year) demonstrated its ability to be excited about and promote its partners’ success (promoting apps in their commercials, giving out design awards, etc.).

More generally, when a company is operating from a secure position, with confidence, the company can celebrate their partners’ successes. And even contribute to them.  If you’re a big successful company with a great ecosystem around you – ask yourself, are you excited about the success of your partners? Are you celebrating their wins?


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