Collaboration with a Purpose

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Scott Francis

Great article from MWD's Angela Ashenden on tasks and collaboration (emphasis added):

It?s not surprising, really, that we?ve reached this point; despite all the advantages that a more social, open approach to enabling collaboration brings, the reality is that, when it comes down to it, we don?t just collaborate for the sake of collaborating, we do so in the context of what we are trying to get done, as part and parcel of the tasks we are carrying out. One of the key things that differentiates the use of social technologies in a business context from public, consumer social networking services is that there is a purpose to using these tools ? we have a job, a role, and everything we do at work is centred around that. We don?t use these tools in the same, open-ended way at work that we might do in a personal setting ? where there is interest and value in simply browsing through information other people have posted for hours at a time ? we are typically looking for something specific, be that the answer to a problem we are trying to solve, the person who can provide the skills to solve our problem, or simply feedback on what we are doing.

This is why I think the early arrivers to the "social BPM" scene missed the mark with activity streams.? Not that they aren't interesting at some level, but if they're not relevant to the work I'm doing, or the granularity is off, then the stream is just noise.



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