Collaboration in IBM BPM v8

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Scott Francis

John Reynolds, on process collaboration:

[...] What's really important to me about this scenario is how closely it matches the way most Knowledge Workers really work.? If anything is unclear, Knowledge Workers reach out to someone else and collaborate with them to complete their tasks.

In today's BPM solutions, all too often these "Out Of Band" interactions between workers are lost.? People just pick up the phone or shoot off an email to solve their problems - which is a good thing because the problem gets solved, but which is a bad thing because we can't track these interactions for future analysis.


More importantly, outside of today's BPM solutions, these "out of band" interactions between workers are lost. BPM solutions just didn't fix this problem either.

This same need to collaborate or hand-off work easily was a driver behind our implementation of Task Transfers in BP Mobility- so that two people can transfer tasks in the context of a business process more easily.

For what it is worth, I agree with John that "Social BPM" doesn't do justice to the business drivers behind the need to work together, and Collaborative BPM sounds better.?

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