Case Management Mentor Meeting

  • August 16, 2010
  • Scott

Keith Swenson has announced a case management mentor meeting (or ACM Mentor Camp) following the BPM 2010 conference, at the same venue:

The “Adaptive Case Management Mentor Camp” has just been announced.  This will be a meeting of minds for people interested in learning effective techniques for using case management for knowledge work.  It is right after the BPM 2010 conference, at the same venue, symbolically representing ACM as the next thing after BPM.

I think it is a great idea to put something like this together – these informal gatherings are often more valuable than more formal conferences – the only danger is conference burn-out!  At BP3, we’re looking forward to bpmCamp in Austin.   Sadly, I can’t make BPM 2010 this year unless my schedule changes, and therefore I also can’t attend the ‘camp.  Its a great gathering of people, definitely recommend attending to anyone who can make it.  Keith argues that the symbolism is that ACM is the “next thing after BPM” – but I’d argue it also supports my point of view – the same vendors, practitioners, and customers are going to be interested in BPM and ACM…  Keith and I just draw different conclusions about what that means for what will be defined as the “BPM” market.

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