Case Management Buzz

  • July 7, 2009
  • Scott

Lately there’s been a bit of a buzz about CRM.  Not sure what caused it, but here are three thoughtful articles on the subject:

  1. Derek Miers’ post on Case Management revival
  2. Bruce Silver’s commentary regarding a new OMG spec RFP for Case Management.
  3. Paul Vincent’s blog for Tibco, where he mentions PRR and DMN… and Case Management yet again…

I’m still waiting to see a really good case being made that Case Management requires or lends itself to different technical solutions than, say, BPM.  Having said that, I’m also sensitive to the fact that as BPM was picking up steam, many in the SOA stack community wondered why BPM wasn’t just a “feature” of SOA.  The fact that I don’t yet have the information to prove to myself that Case Management has technical requirements not addressed by BPM, does not mean that such information won’t be forthcoming.

Update: Bruce Silver has another update – apparently there was a bit of controversy about the case management proposal at OMG recently, and a little bit of blogosphere dust-up resulted.

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